Looking for high quality garages Brisbane wide? At Queensland Shed Markets, we have vast experience in designing and building garages with high-quality Australian steel. Our garages Brisbane service has built up a strong reputation all over Queensland for the fantastic buildings and service we provide. Whether you are looking to store a car, tools or if you just need the extra storage space, we will work with you to design and build a garage you will be proud to own.

Superior Communication and Service

We have designed and built a wide range of garages in Brisbane and Queensland and continue to lead the way in the industry for innovative design and construction. We pride ourselves on developing a strong relationship with our customers, as we like to keep you in the loop every step of the way, from initial design specifications to finishing touches of the build, we want you to be as involved in the process as you want to be.

When you choose garage kits from Queensland Shed Markets, you will see why our high level of transparency and communication stands us apart from our competitors. Many companies can be very frustrating and fail to communicate effectively with their customers. However, thanks to our many years of experience, we know that communication is key to understanding your needs.

We strive to meet all of your requirements while completing the job in a timely manner. We have built our garages Brisbane service up on the attitude of always maintaining a superior level of communication and always aiming to surpass customer expectations.

A Variety of Garage Designs

Garages are a great way to add extra value onto your house if designed and built correctly. We understand that you know your home better than us and while we may have some suggestions for designs, we are a flexible company and will ensure you are totally satisfied with any design before any building work begins.

Garages can be an extremely useful addition to your home. Many of our customers who have built garages in Brisbane and Queensland have had them built for reasons other than simply storing a vehicle. In fact, many of our customers have seen a garage as another room in their homes and have used it for storage, as a place to keep valuables and it has even been used as a personal gym. Some other great options include transforming your garage into a hobby room, a ‘Man Cave’ or a sewing room. We offer a range of different designs and styles to help accommodate a wide variety of your requirements and needs, here are some of the garages we provide:

  • Single Garages
  • Double Garages
  • Triple Garages
  • Garaports
  • Garage with awnings
  • Garages with Garaports
  • Farm sheds
  • Hay sheds
  • Industrial buildings & sheds
  • Commercial sheds
  • School buildings & Trade Centres
  • Speciality sheds
  • Barns

Protect your Vehicles and Possessions with a Garage

We spend thousands of dollars on our vehicles and prized possessions, so why not give them the protection they need? Queensland is known for very severe weather at times which can cause vast amounts of damage to people's vehicles. Homeowners who have Garages Brisbane and Queensland wide are able to avoid this problem completely. Owning a garage not only provides excellent protection, but it is also a stunning and practical addition to your home that will increase the overall value of your property.

Unlimited Garage Possibilities

Do you need a new garage but don’t want your garage to have the same look as your neighbour? We have some great ideas for garage kits that won’t break the bank. We have built many garages over the years that are tailored to suit specific client needs, and your garage requests are no exception. Call us now to see what differences we can offer.

A selection of accessories that are available to add to and enhance your garage include:

Garage Accessories

• Roller Doors
• Roller Door Motors
• Windows
• Sliding Glass Doors
• Whirly Birds
• Awning
• Skylight Sheeting
• Insulation
• Vermon Seal
• Gutter Guard
• Gable Infills

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Garage Extensions

Need a bigger garage? Rather than replace your garage completely, why not opt for a garage extension? A great option is to extend the roof line of your garage. By extending the roof line of your garage, it not only provides you the extra under roof cover, but it also give you a quick and easy way to extend your garage at a later date if you need to. This can be achieved easily by simply adding walls. Because the main structure is already there, is just a case of including wall girts and sheeting and you turn your 6 x 6 garage with 6 x 6 roof, into a 6 x 12 garage. The enclosed room is instantly doubled without changing the size of the building. It’s that easy!

A Garage that Suits your Site

All sheds are specifically designed to fit your site so you know your garage will suit the piece of land it will be sitting on. Not only will your garage be perfect for you, but it will also meet all wind code requirements. For a garage that is perfect for your site, don’t be fooled into believing that any old garage will do. A garage that is not suitable for your site may not match the overall look of your property.
Getting the perfect garage for your site is especially important if the garage is going to be in an area that could be exposed to gale force winds. If this is the case, you need to ensure your items are protected with a garage that meets wind code regulations. Because our garages meet these wind code requirements, you can have peace of mind knowing that our garages are built to the highest standards.

Garage with Awning

Have you considered including an awning on your garage? Awnings are attached directly to the main frame allowing you extra space without being closed in. Garages with awnings can be of any size. There are many benefits to adding an awning to your garage. An awning on your garage can offer outdoor yet covered storage for various items including "Boys Toys". An awning can also provide an outdoor extension to a "Man Cave", or if you have run out of room in your garage, the awning can provide a great shaded area to park your cars, boats and ride on mowers.

Quality Construction & Customer Service

We have a highly experienced, qualified team that are committed to providing customers with a high-quality garage that will stand the test of time. Our team uses their years of expertise and knowledge to build your garage as efficiently as possible and ensure it is a hassle free process.

We are experts when it comes to design and construction, and we also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We like to ensure that our clients are completely informed and totally comfortable throughout the duration of the build. After the build is complete, we guarantee to clean up any mess and make sure your home is left in a presentable way. Our customer focused approach that revolves around communication and satisfying our customers needs has enabled us to develop strong customer relationships. Thanks to our quality construction and customer service, a large number of our customers are referred to us by other satisfied customers. We strive to maintain our strong reputation and we always promise to deliver a high level of client satisfaction with every garage installation we provide.

Contact us Today for Quality Garages Brisbane Wide

With the quality construction and high level of communication and customer service we provide, be sure to turn to us when looking for the perfect garage for your property. If you would like more information about our Garages Brisbane or Queensland wide or if you would like a quote, feel free to drop as an email at info@queenslandshedmarkets.com.au or give us a call on 1800 200 780. We are more than happy to help!