Our Sheds are Up to 20 meter span and 6 meters high you are sure to find a shed to suit your needs, with gable portal Frame buildings to give you the strength, and colorbond sheeting to give you choice of colour, and with Heavy Duty PA Doors and security Grills available for all windows giving you security, we have it all. Heavy Duty Cladding on roof and walls, Hi tensile Steel sections with strap Bracing and fly bracing, specially designed by our certified engineers. All sheds are specifically designed to your site so as to meet all wind code requirements, don't be fooled into a shed that is not suitable for your site. Ask us what we mean if you are not sure, don't wait till its too late, all sheds must meet the Wind code regulations to be approved for your site.

Industrial Frames

Industrial Frames Differ from Domestic frames not only by size and thickness of columns, but industrial Frames also have Apex and Knee Braces over 12 meter span. Our Industrial shed engineering provides buildings up to 20 meters span and upto 6 metres high. again depending on the span and the height of the shed will depend if it is single or back to back columns.


  • Apex Brackets
  • Knee Brackets
  • Wall Girts
  • Eave Purlin
  • Roof Purlin
  • Pulin Bolts
  • Screw Bolts
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