Queensland Shed Markets include many features and benefits that are not always included by other companies. We urge you to ask about such extras when you are shopping around, as it is important to you!

  • Queensland Shed Markets has a steel building range of several thousand combinations for you so you are sure to find a combination to suit your needs.
  • Our P.A Doors are of a pressed steel nature available in all Colorbond colors with an entrance lockset like a house so a dead lock can be fitted; together with proper door jambs. Not just sheets of tin screwed onto a box section with just one color selection and a cheap lock. We will not supply this type of access. The BENEFIT to you, is the colors choice and sense of security.
  • Windows are supplied from house size to toilet window and come with wall stiffeners, full flashings and choice of clear anodized – 3 colors. The BENEFIT to you, is again the security, color choice and the window size choice
  • All our buildings come fully flashed and carry a full warranty. The BENEFIT to you, No unsightly corners or finishing. NO jagged edges and a protection on the money you invested.
  • Our knee and ridge plates are universal and substantial (bigger and thicker than most) there by not requiring ugly knee supports for smaller buildings. The BENEFIT to you, easier to construct for an owner builder and more storage room inside. So more space for your dollar.