Are You Ready for Christmas Under Your New Patio?

Most homeowners need to carry out home renovations from time to time – for example, extending your existing house for your families’ needs. Extending or building the patio area is a worthwhile and financially beneficial renovation for many homeowners and as a result the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends as a reward. Using an experienced sheds and patios company will ensure a quality product and finish. Many designs to choose from with the Lysaght for living range.

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Upgrade Your Home with a Stylish Patio

A beautiful patio can be easily installed to a veranda or balcony that may be attached to the bedroom or family room of your home, therefore creating additional space for relaxation and privacy, imagine having your breakfast or a romantic meal in your new alfresco area.

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Are You Planning to Buy a Kit Home in Queensland?

These days, kit homes have grown in popularity and are an inexpensive alternative of building a dwelling place. In many of the developed countries of the world like America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, kit homes are being installed. Kit homes are ready-made houses that require proper installation following legal procedures; and all other facilities need to be attached to it like the bathroom, toilet etc. Extra work would be plumbing and electrical. It’s perhaps the easiest way to construct a house in a quick time period compared to the normal construction of the house.

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Our Stunning Outdoor Patio Kits

If you are particular about the aesthetic appeal of your house including the exterior, it is important to pay attention in the set up of garages, sheds and even patios in the best possible way. A patio is an extension of your house that can be used for multiple purposes. An outdoor patio can also be used for evening get together’s with friends or relatives at different times of the year. It can be an open air yet shaded place where you can enjoy meeting people in the privacy of your home.

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Add Value To Your Home By Adding a Patio!

patioWould you like a new patio or shed at your house, a patio to sit under and entertain your family and friends, and lets face it the cost of going out these days is rising so why not stay at home and have a home cooked meal and still enjoy the company of your friends and family for a lot less. By doing this you will add much more value to your home and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

With Queensland Shed Markets great range of patios that you can choose from, you are sure to find a design to suit your budget and lifestyle.


Your Best Supplier of Kit Homes and Garden Sheds in Australia

Garden Shed Australia is the country of aborigines, multicultural society, kangaroo, Great Barrier Reef, outback, modern cities, magnificent beaches and much more. It also has unique geographical features – from hottest places on earth to tropical rain forests to snow-capped mountains.

Australians love outdoor activities like camping, sailing, surfing and sports like cricket and rugby. The hot and humid climate in the northeast to temperate climate in the southeast coupled with vast, rugged and open landscape offer Australians the opportunity of experiment with different types of dwellings.

Queensland Shed Market has been engaged in providing sheltering solution for many years now. We design, manufacture and supply all types of sheds and kit homes. This includes garden sheds, garages, farm sheds and similar structures for living in and storing things.

Many of our customers send inquiries asking for difference between kit homes and sheds. Well, the main difference is that kit homes are for living and sheds are for storing. Kit homes are closed from all sides while sheds may be closed or open from all or none of the sides. Kit homes are prefabricated, permanent homes constructed from pre-cut timber logs and pieces. While sheds can be constructed from wood, steel, and plastics and can be dismantled and relocated elsewhere, the same is not possible with kit homes.

If you are still in doubt, please send an exact inquiry by email or by filling up the online form. We promptly reply to all.

Sheds for Sale in Queensland

The word ‘shed’ comes from ‘shade’. The purpose of a shed is to provide protection and shelter, either temporary or permanent. Sheds are the most versatile types of structures. Usually built for storing things, sheds can be built from any material and can be erected quickly.

Earlier, people used to build own sheds, for example, farm sheds and barns. But that was a time when building materials were limited to thatch (dried straw, reed etc for making a roof) and timber (for making walls, etc). Those kinds of sheds didn’t last very long and had to be repaired often.

Today, you can find ready made sheds for sale made from a variety of materials, including wood, steel, plastics, glass, fibre, etc. If the purpose of sheds in early times was limited to keeping farm produce, implements, cattle and occasional living, today’s sheds are made to order for a variety of purpose. Indeed, today’s kit houses are self-contained alternative dwelling places with all modern amenities.

Looking at the diverse demands, Queensland Shed Markets has been designing and supplying a range of sheds for sale in Queensland and surrounding areas. This includes barns, farm sheds, garden shades, garages (for 1 to 3 cars), carports, garages and patios. We also build custom-made sheds according to client specifications and a range of options include roof / wall insulation, ventilators, fire doors, sliding doors, water tanks and solar panels.