Our carports Brisbane service has a growing reputation, we are in a very fortunate position of having a team that are dedicated to producing the best value for our customer. We consider ourselves the industry experts, which we think is down to us continually striving to achieve better results. Having so much experience means we can offer you the advice and service to provide you with a carport you can be proud of.

We have a range of carport kits available including the popular single, double and triple garage. Carports are a popular Australian alternative to a garage. They were predominantly used to offer protection to vehicles, but are also used as an alternative form of shelter in other ways. We can build and customise our carport kits to suit your needs.

Queensland Shed Markets work with you and all your needs to decide the best type of carport for you. We can work within a budget and tailor all the designs to fit your needs. Whether it’s a carport for a boat, truck our fantastic range has something for you:

  • Single Carport
  • Double Gable Carport
  • Gable Carport with Side Skirt
  • Gable Carports - No Gable Infill
  • Flat Roof Carport
  • Skillion Carport
  • Standard Carport
  • Truckport

Get a quote online to start building the perfect carport kits for your property. If you have any questions about our carport designs and carport prices, please call 1800 200 780.

Why Buy Carports in Brisbane

Thanks to the sunny weather we have in Queensland all year round, carports are on the rise. Carport kits provide the perfect shade for your car, and they can be a great place for outdoor entertaining. It also proves to be a great shaded place for the kids to play.

At Queensland Shed Markets, we only use the best materials to build our carports, so you are guaranteed great results that will leave you satisfied when you decide to upgrade your home.

We build carports to suit your specific requests and home design. There is nothing worse than having a carport that stands out and doesn’t fit nicely with the theme of your house. Getting a carport should be an improvement on your house, not something that stands out.

Buying a vehicle is a significant investment, so we know how important carports are. Your carport needs to be strong and sturdy enough to protect your vehicle from the ever-changing Queensland weather. When you own a carport, you are not only protecting your car from the harsh Australian sun, but you also remove the risk of hail damage or having a tree fall on your vehicle.

Built by Professionals

For a carport that is professional built and looks great, choose QSM.

Our friendly team are more than happy to discuss our different carport kits with you. We have an outstanding reputation and a long list of happy customers thanks to the great service that we provide.

With Queensland Shed Markets, you aren’t just getting a great carport, you are getting a team of professionals who guarantee the best outcome. Our experienced and knowledgeable team only use the best materials. We are confident in our work, and you can have peace of mind knowing that when we finish the job, you are going to be pleased with the results.

You’ll be impressed with our service right from the start. We make sure we stay with our customers the whole way; our hard-working team have a passion for their work and it shows in the finished product.

We know that sometimes you’re in a rush to get a carport built because they are such a convenient thing to have. That’s why we make sure all our replies to enquiries are prompt, and we get onto building as soon as possible.

Choose QSM for Leading Brisbane Carport Designs

A classic design, the Skillion structure is a flat roof that seamlessly blends with any home design. For economy and ease of construction, it’s hard to beat this design from the LYSAGHT Living Collection® range – especially if you’re planning a Do It Yourself Project.

Adding a Skillion Roof carport or patio is often the fastest way to improve your car and boat accommodation or outdoor entertaining possibilities. Available as a free-standing or attached structure means the Skillion is suitable in patio, verandah or carport applications.

LYSAGHT Living Collection®'s unique design features such as FLATDEK® roof sheets, FIRMLOK® beams and SMARTPART™ connectors take Skillion Roof carport designs to a new standard of style and sophistication. Look closely. You’ll be impressed.

Sophisticated and Comprehensive Patio Design Software

It doesn’t matter what you desire, whether it be a patio or carport or some other structure to provide protection for your property, there’s surely an answer to finding a design to suit your requirements and budget. We have the most sophisticated and comprehensive patio design software available today. Not only can it design the most complicated shapes, but it also engineers the building to suit the wind rating applicable to your region and produces construction drawings and component lists.

If you are capable as a D.I.Y.’er to construct the patio or carport designs yourself, then that engineering, construction drawings, and lists of parts are invaluable! You save money as well!

Single Carport

Protect your vehicles from the ever-changing Queensland weather; sunny one minute, raining the next. With a carport, you lessen the risk of your vehicle getting damaged from fallen trees or hail. Protect it from most sun exposure. Your vehicle is an important part of your life and protecting it could save you time and money later. Send an enquiry now for more information.

Carports also shelter your vehicle. You pay a lot of money for your vehicle so you should protect them and keep them safe from hail, fallen trees and whatever else the storms throw at us.

The sheds with extended carports can be used for vehicle and house hold storage, with the additional awning for a higher vehicle at the extended gable end. Alternatively, you can also design it to be a fully functional carport, which would include a lawn locker or lockable workshop to your desired size.


Whatever size or shape carport you need, we can build it for you. We can even build a carport big enough for your truck. Need a truckport to shade your heavy vehicle? We can build the toughest truckport around to protect your truck from the elements.

Flat Roof Carports

Protect and save your cars with flat roof carports that provide effective cover and protection! Cover your car, boat, 4WD, trailer, caravan or whatever vehicle you may have. Talk to us today.

Contact Queensland Shed Markets Today for Carports Brisbane

For a high-quality carport that will stand the test of time and provide protection for your vehicle, turn to us at Queensland markets. Our team of professionals are on hand to give you the carport that you desire that is both practical and matches your home décor.

Be sure to look at our range of carport kits. For more information on our carport prices, call us on 1800 200 780 or email us on info@queenslandshedmarkets.com.au. You can also Request a quote today!

Double Carport in front of Garage
Flat roof carport to side of home
Double Carport With Pitched Roof
Extra Long Carport with Gable Roof
Flat Roof Carport for long driveway