A barn kit is a great alternative to sheds, providing more spacious areas and secure entryways for easy use and access. They’re also more eye-catching than sheds, making them more likely to become valuable landmarks on your property. If you’re looking for buildings that offer plenty of space and the versatility to be used in a variety of ways, a barn kit is clearly one of your top choices. The great thing about our barns is that we can build three sections across the front without having to upgrade the frame too much. Our barn kit also allows extra height for one vehicle without having to spend money on building the whole shed high, which often creates an eyesore. Another great thing about our barns is that they provide plenty of extra off-the-ground storage space. This additional storage capacity not only makes barns more functional but also more efficient at keeping your tools and belongings secure. For more information, just call us on 1800 200 780 or email your enquiry to info@queenslandshedmarkets.com.au. You can also request a quote online if you want to find out more about our barn kit options.

Our Barn Kit Range

American Barns

American barns are popular choices because they’re spacious enough to store different kinds of animals, vehicles, and items. These buildings feature high central sections, which are often taller and more pronounced than their side structures. Its tall central section offers the ideal height for storing large objects like boats, large trucks, or heavy machinery. Because of their versatility and all-purpose design, American barns offer that classic barn look that most people imagine when thinking about barns.

Aussie Barns

Aussie barns are designed similarly to American barns, but they feature more uniform sections that create a more even-looking barn. In most cases, the central section of Aussie barns is still taller and more pronounced than either side – but not by much. Much like American bars, Aussie barns are versatile buildings that can be used for several purposes and activities. They’re a popular option for providing shelter for different types of animals, while others use them to store large vehicles, tools, and machinery. Due to their functional and versatile designs, Aussie barns are among the most popular choices for those in rural areas around Australia.

Quaker Barns

If you need maximum height space with the ability to create a useable upstairs area, then Quaker Barns may be what you’re looking for. These barns are characterised by their wide front façade, which commonly features one or two entryways (depending on the user’s needs and preferences). The potential to build an upper deck inside makes it a preferable choice for those who want some form of living quarters inside their barn. Its higher ceilings and taller structures, meanwhile, also make Quaker barns ideal for those who want that extra height inside their barn.

Barn Stables

Do you need a stable for your horses but don't want some boring structure that you’ve seen hundreds of times before? Then we can design and build a special barn stable for your property. These barn stables can shelter your horses and animals from the weather and provide a secure place that they can call home. With our expert team of builders, you can have a barn stable that’s both beautiful and functional.

Skillion Barn

Skillion barns are great alternatives to Aussie barns, providing similar functionality and aesthetics as their more famous counterpart. This type of barn is characterised by a sloped roof, which provides a more contemporary look than traditional barns and sheds. In fact, thanks to its sloped roof and smoother profile, skillion barns can easily blend with homes and properties that have sleeker designs and more modern architecture.

Many More!

If there’s a specific barn kit design that you want for your property, just let us know, and we’ll design one according to your needs. Call us today on 1800 200 780 to get started.

Why Should You Choose Queensland Shed Markets

Queensland Shed Markets is one of the leading and most accomplished shed makers in Australia, with years of experience in the industry and satisfied clients throughout the Queensland region. If you want a barn kit or shed that will last for several decades, then look no further than Queensland Shed Markets. Here’s why we’ve long been one of the top shed builders in Australia:
  • Experience and Expertise - When it comes to building barns and sheds, there’s simply no substitute for experience. Members of our design and construction team have years of collective experience in building barns, sheds, and other large-scale storage units. We’ve also built barns in different settings and environments, giving us the ability to assemble barn kits practically anywhere. We use this solid experience to continually refine our expertise in barn construction, allowing us to provide the most practical, economical, and effective solutions for your needs.
  • In-depth Customisation - If you want a barn kit that you can truly call your own, then you need to customise it in ways that perfectly match your needs and preferences. With our wide range of customisation options, you can personalise your barn however you like. We offer choices for almost every aspect of your barn design and construction, from the colour of the materials to the additional accessories you want inside.
  • Built to Your Needs - At Queensland Shed Markets, we know that no two clients are the same. That’s why we’ll never impose a specific design or barn kit for your property, no matter how perfect it may seem. Instead, we’ll thoroughly discuss your specific requirements before recommending your best options. We’ll always design and build your barn according to your needs instead of imposing a solution simply because it’s more convenient.

Enhancements and Modifications

At Queensland Shed Markets, you can modify many – if not all – of the following parts and features in your barn kit:
  • Windows: We can install windows that come in different lengths and widths, giving you the ability to choose the right size of windows for your barn. You can choose to have uniform sizes for all windows or mix it up with different sizes for something more playful and varied.
  • Deluxe Personal Door: To ensure easy and secure access to your barn, our team can install a ‘personal access’ door made of high-quality Colorbond steel. This door also features a secure lockset and high-quality butt hinges.
  • Insulation: For better insulation, you can ask us to set up your barn kit with our recommended Kingspan Glareshield or Insulbreak solutions.
  • Roller Doors: These upgrades provide easier and faster access, especially when storing wider items like vehicles and machinery. These doors are also made of industrial grade materials, ensuring their strength and durability.
  • Custom Orb: These optional wall cladding solutions come in both vertical and horizontal orientations, providing you more options for customising the look of your barn.
  • Trimdeck and Trimwall: More cladding options for your barn’s roofs and walls. These also come in a variety of colours.
  • Multiclad: Best suited for domestic and light industrial buildings, Multiclad is ideal for those who want softer and more inviting wall cladding.
  • Quad Gutter: These are used for concealing the roofline and providing a more attractive profile for barns and sheds. Because they come in different colours and with accessories, these gutters can significantly influence your barn’s look and aesthetics.
  • Trimline: A durable gutter made of high tensile steel, this is a highly functional addition to your barn. It offers excellent rain carrying capacity and comes in a wide selection of Colorbond coatings.

Get Your Barn Kit from Queensland Shed Markets

If you want a barn that you can be proud of, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team can design and build the barn you’ve always wanted, creating a beautiful and reliable structure for your animals, vehicles, or machinery. As one of the leading and most accomplished builders of barns and sheds in Australia, we’re more than capable of providing the barn kit you want and need. Call us today on 1800 200 780 to get started. You can also request a quote online if you need more information about our barn kit service.
3 bay American style barn
3 bay barn with skillion roof and 2 roller doors
3 bay American style barn with 3 roller doors
3 bay American style barn with awning
3 bay American style barn with no doors
American style barn with 2 roller doors and windows