Whenever you’re not flying your aircraft, you want to make sure that it’s safe and sound down here on the ground. And when it comes to protecting your aircraft, you’ll find few other solutions better than keeping it in a safe and protective airplane hangar.

If tough and protective aircraft hangars are what you’re after, then Queensland Shed Markets can provide what you need. We’ve been building airplane hangars Brisbane wide and other locations for years and know how to build them in ways that provide maximum protection and accessibility. Combining years of experience in shed building with a deep understanding of how to customise structures for specific needs, our airplane hangars truly stand out for any value-minded aircraft owner.

Our sheds are perfect for Ultralights, but they can be modified for larger aircrafts. They can also be fitted with extras like personal doors, roller doors for the workshop, or storage areas.

If you’re looking for a high-quality airplane hangar for sale, please call us on 1800 200 780 or request a quote online. We’ve built several aircraft hangars Brisbane-wide and other select areas in Queensland, so you can count on us to build the one you’ve always wanted for your property.


At Queensland Shed Markets, we know that there’s more to an outstanding airplane hangar than simply having a big shed. It also needs ample storage space and easy access to your aircraft. That’s why we can design your aircraft hangar to have many (if not all) of the features below:
  • Sliding Doors
  • Access Doors
  • Windows
  • Whirly Birds
  • Skylight Sheeting
  • Roller Doors
If you need any other special features for your aircraft hangars, just let us know, and we’ll work out a solution for you. We know that every aircraft and aircraft owner is different, and we’ll gladly customise your airplane hangar to make it truly your own.
Airplane hangar with doors open
Airplain hangar with side awnings

What We Offer

Extremely Tough Sheds

There’s no doubt that toughness is one key feature that you should always look for in your airplane hangar. You want a shed that can protect your aircraft from outdoor elements as well as a place to keep your plane safe and secure when you’re not flying it. And when it comes to tough and durable aircraft hangars, ours truly delivers. Our Portal Frame Sheds are made from 100% BlueScope steel, so you can rest assured that its quality is second to none. And because our sheds are primarily made of steel and other similar materials, you won’t have to worry about termites or other insects eating away at your shed. Our sheds can withstand intense sun, wind, and rain – just as your personal aircraft hangar should.

Customisable Airplane Hangar Kits

At Queensland Shed Markets, we know that no two jobs are the same, even if it’s designed for the same aircraft models. That’s because each situation is different, with different factors and elements affecting its circumstances. This is why every airplane hangar for sale that we offer is customisable. We’ll design and build your hangar according to your needs and circumstances, rather than impose a pre-packaged design for your property. We’ll also consider a variety of factors – the size of your plane, your area’s climate, the features you want included, etc. – and build your airplane hangar accordingly. With Queensland Shed Markets, you can customise your shed at almost any level, from the biggest structures to the smallest parts and details. In fact, the amount of choices you have for customisation is so deep that you can choose from several thousand combinations for your shed. At the end of the day, it’s your aircraft hangar, and we’ll build it just how you want it.

Experienced Builders

With over 14 years of experience in the shed building industry, our team is among the most qualified builders you’ll find today. We’ve built a wide variety of sheds and storage units throughout the years and can readily apply our skills to build the best type of airplane hangar for your needs. Because of our rich industry experience, we also know all the major and relevant factors to consider for your shed. This includes obvious factors like the type of plane you have as well as ‘hidden’ factors like the type of soil in your property, council costs, and your regional climate. It’s this combination of experience and expertise that has made us one of the best builders of airplane hangars Brisbane wide and across Queensland.

Complies with Building Codes and Safety Regulations

One major benefit of working with us is that we know the proper building codes and safety regulations for aircraft hangars. We’re more than just shed builders; we’re also experienced personal airplane hangar designers. This means we’re aware of the proper guidelines for how every airplane hangar for sale should look and function, ensuring a safer and more functional hangar.

Full Warranty

Every airplane hangar that we build features a full warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about getting it repaired or replaced in the unlikely event that it breaks down. This warranty gives you peace of mind and confidence in our ability to deliver the top-notch service that you deserve.

Things to Consider Beforehand

When it comes to building your own aircraft hangar, you’ll have to consider several things before starting construction. It’s all about planning ahead and preparing as much as you can so that you end up with the right structure for your needs. The following are some of the main things you need to think about to before building your hangar:
  • Aircraft type – What type of aircraft are you planning to store inside? Is it a plane or helicopter? Is it considered a light aircraft or something heavier that features more machinery?
  • Aircraft size – How big is your aircraft? What is its maximum height and width? Does it have features that either increase or decrease its size during storage?
  • Number of aircrafts – How many aircrafts are you planning to store in your hangar? This not only includes how many aircrafts you have now but also how many you may have in the near future. Are you planning to store them all in one shed or multiple hangars?
  • Entry type – Do you want your hangar to feature nose entry or tail entry? These two entry types differ significantly in both accessibility and cost.
  • Type of door – What type of doors to you envision your hangar having? The main doors – and any secondary ones – are critical to the overall design of your hangar. Roller doors and slider doors, for example, may look similar in function, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses for functionality.
  • Maintenance – Are you planning to do heavy maintenance activities inside your hangar? If so, then you’ll have to increase its size to accommodate proper space for maintenance and servicing.
  • Workshop requirements – Do you want to include a workshop inside your shed? Keep in mind that a workshop requires substantial space that will affect your planned hangar size.
  • Specific features – Are there any special features that you want your aircraft hangar to have? Keep in mind that some features may significantly alter your hangar’s design and functionality.
  • Storage items – Are you storing other items inside your hangar aside from your aircraft? This includes parts, chemicals, and other items commonly used for maintenance. These items require good ventilation, which means you’ll have to consider more windows and other ventilation solutions for your hangar.
  • Your budget – Setting your budget beforehand is extremely helpful. This will give you better direction for planning your hangar’s construction, allowing you to see well in advance what features you may or may not be able to include.
Admittedly, some of these factors may require guidance and advice from experts. Fortunately, our builders are industry specialists who can provide the information and advice that you need. In fact, before we begin building your airplane hangar in Brisbane, we’ll thoroughly discuss your needs and wants beforehand. That way, we can design and build the airplane hangar that you want according to your needs and budget.

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