Sheds Brisbane

When purchasing a shed it’s important to know you are getting a strong and durable building that will stand the test of time and perform well for years in the harsh Australian climate.
Our sheds Brisbane service will provide you with a fantastic range of high quality options that are suitable for any project and can be fully customised to meet all of your requirements.

Queensland Shed Markets have been designing and supplying sheds Brisbane all around the city and throughout the rest of Queensland for over 14 years, while providing high quality buildings to Australians through a dedicated team of qualified and experienced engineers and builders. We are keen to work with you to make sure you get a great product that suits your needs today and in the future, by fully customising your purchase for your home or business.

With Queensland Shed Markets you’ll get:

  • An experienced friendly team
  • A recognised member of the “Steel Shed Group”
  • Multiple stores in Australia
  • Trusted builders with experience in both private and government projects
  • A full warranty on all our buildings
  • A customisable steel building range of several thousand combinations

We are a fast growing company with a fantastic reputation in the industry, with stores all over Brisbane and the rest of Queensland. Visit our stores in Alberton, Beaudesert, Cairns, Gympie, Kingaroy, Laidley, Mackay, Morayfield, Stanthorpe, Toowoomba and Townsville for outstanding customer service and superior workmanship every time.

Why Choose Us?

Shed Options & Additions

We also offer a range of options and additions to further enhance your sheds Brisbane.
Some of these include roof ventilators, ridge vents, standard access doors, fire doors, mezzanine floors, vermin seals and flashings, water tanks, solar panels for sheds, as well as credit facilities.
We can also provide a number of specialised additions, such as:

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  • Aircell insulation to the roof and wall, which provides very high thermal performance. Easy to install, this insulation product is fibre-free, resistant to insects and rodents, and completely waterproof and fire tested.
  • Windows and glass sliding doors, which come in a range of sizes to suit any and all of your requirements. All our windows and glass sliding doors come fitted with standard keyed locks.
  • Roller doors, which are available in both domestic grade and industrial grade and can be made with a maximum opening size of up to 5000mm high or wide.
  • Connection brackets, which are made of hi-tensile steel. Large, fully bolted and galvanised, these brackets have strengthening folds for top-quality support and are used in compliance with standard building practices and the manufacturer’s specifications to guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Personal access doors, or P.A doors, which come with high quality locks, butt hinges and door jams. Designed to be large enough for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs to easily pass through, they are made with sturdy support members on the inside and around the edges.
  • Cladding for walls and roofs, in a range of designs and colours to brighten up the exterior of your building. Ideal for either domestic or industrial buildings, our cladding options can be fully customised to your design preferences.
  • Roof gutters, in a large range of colours and with a variety of available accessories.
  • Customised flashings, which are used to finish all openings so that sheet edging and galvanised framework is covered and protected from insects and rodents. They are sturdily-made and don’t leave any sharp edges.

With our vast range of building options, you are guaranteed to get everything you need from your shed. Our domestic sheds Brisbane range has been designed for easy DIY solutions both now and in the future by extending the gable at any time without having to interchange the main portal frames, which will save significant amounts of labour time and material costs.
You can get just about anything you need for your quality outdoor buildings from us here at Queensland Shed Markets.


The Best Shed Advice

Before you decide on and purchase your shed, it’s a good idea to think about a few things to help you make the best decision and choose a shed that will meet all your needs. Here are a few handy things to consider:



Measure the area where you plan on erecting your shed, and make a note of any possible obstructions such as overhanging trees and underground pipes. This will allow you to fix the problems in advance if you can, or have them looked at by a professional if it’s not something you can solve yourself.


Decide what you will be using the shed for and what you want to store in it. This will give you an idea of how big you’ll need the shed to be and what additional features you will need, such as power and lighting, windows, ventilators or security locks if you’ll be storing expensive tools and equipment inside.

Think BIG

In most cases, think bigger rather than smaller. It is very likely your belongings will start to build up and soon enough your shed will be full and you’ll have very little space left. So in terms of size when considering the shed you want to buy, if you have the space for it, it’s always better to get a larger one rather than a smaller one. You should also think about how to best use the space for storage, and consider installing additional shelves or storage space so none of the area is wasted.

It’s helpful to note however, that if you do find that you need more space down the track then Queensland Shed Markets can add on to your existing shed to extend it and create more space so that you don’t have to buy and construct a whole new one.

  • Try not to plan on erecting your shed on low lying ground where water can pool and build up when it rains. This could lead to your shed getting flooded, and its contents inside getting damaged.
  • Make sure the site where you plan on erecting your shed is flat and level. If you want to avoid extensive and time consuming ground work, consider purchasing a floor framing kit to ensure a strong and level foundation.
  • Remember to allow for space and door openings where you want the front of your shed to be, so that you can easily move belongings in and out without getting blocked or stuck.
  • Consider the environment and surrounds of where you plan on erecting your shed, and how visible it will be in your yard so you can choose a colour option and design that is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t interfere with the surrounding area in an unsightly way.
  • Make sure you look into any local regulations or restrictions for your area so you are sure you are not violating any of them. Some areas will have limitations on the height of your building and the colours it’s allowed to be painted.
  • Think about additional extras you will need. Water tanks can make good use of the drainage from the shed roof, roller doors and personal access doors can help with moving in and out easily, and carports can add valuable protection and extra workspace. We have a range of optional additions and extras that you can enhance your shed with.

Important Building Requirements

To help you get the most from your purchase, it may be important for you to have an understanding of the building classes and what they are allowed to be used for as per the Building Code of Australia. Below is some information on appropriate uses.

Please note that a shed should not be used for a dwelling unless it is a class 1 building or structure.
[1] A class 10 building i.e. a shed, garage or carport is a non-habitable building or structure and as such cannot be used as a dwelling.
[2] A class 1 building i.e. an engineered designed house is a habitable building and as such can be used as a dwelling.
There are some varied exceptions to the rules, but it is generally best to follow the above advice. For more information about the Building Codes, visit the Australian Building Codes Board website.